.Net Core version of the "Node JS: Advanced Concepts" Udemy course

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Source code for the .Net Core version of the Node JS: Advanced Concepts Udemy course

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Within the code you can see how to:

  • Use MongoDb with .Net Core
  • Use Identity with MongoDb
  • Use Redis to cache Api responses
  • Return unauthorized code with specific response instead of redirect 302 for .NET Core Api
  • Use TestServer to run Integration tests
  • Use Puppeteer Sharp to run UI tests
  • Autorun Tests with Puppeteer using WebHostBuilder
  • Create a fake protected .Net Core cookie to test authenticated routes
  • Test .NET Core Api requests using Puppeteer Sharp
  • Use C# Anonymous Methods to simplify the execution of API request tests
  • Use Travis CI for Continuous Integration
  • Use Appveyor for Continuous Integration
  • Use Amazon S3 to store images with Presigned URL